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Marifeed are manufacturers of dry formulated abalone feed (ABFEED) and renowned for successful abalone farming at the southern tip of South Africa.

History of Marifeed

In 1992 research was started by the company Marine Products, to formulate a diet for the growing abalone industry in South Africa. The research was done with the assistance of Rhodes University and in 1994 the product Abfeed® was registered. Initial production volumes were very small with approximately 800 kg being produced per month. The factory is situated in Hermanus in the Western Cape, which is the heart of the abalone industry in South Africa. The farmers soon realised the value of the formulated feed, resulting in a steady increase in sales right up to the present day. Research was and is ongoing and a full range of abalone feed products became available. In 2004 the company Marifeed (Pty) Ltd was registered and under new ownership from the TerraSan group, substantial capital investments were made into growing and expanding the feed factory. Marifeed is now producing abalone feed for the local and international markets. In 2004 Marifeed produced its first low protein diet, which was named K26. That formulation was improved through continuous research and became ES26, a feed which allows farms to comply with the standards for environmentally sustainable production of abalone in 2012. Within the TerraSan group we have our own abalone farms which gives us the advantage of not only producing feed for farmers, but having the input from farmers into the production of a balanced abalone feed.

Quality feed for quality abalone - feeding trails in real life farming conditions

At Marifeed we are doing on-farm trials daily with ABFEED - a natural feed developed in real farm conditions. Aquafarm successfully farms abalone in Hermanus at the southern most tip of Africa. Read all our tips on feeding here. Our website depicts the clear cool water of the pristine Walker Bay environment, naturally supplying a deep-water intake delivering the highest quality ocean seawater to the farm. Read all our tips on feeding here...

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